my farily extreme capsule wardrobe

I don’t have a particularly large need for variation in my clothing. For a long time I envied characters in tv-series that always wore the same outfit, maybe mixing it up between seasons, and after reading Miss Minimalist’s post on the uniform the idea got even more compelling and I realized that it might even be doable. And last year I sort of slipped into it.

And it’s very relaxing having just a couple of options and being very comfortable in them. I do have a few scarves to mix things up, but I don’t feel the same need with clothes.

When I started the path of minimalism my main priority wasn’t to reduce my wardrobe. It was mainly stuff and books that I wanted to reduce due to my frequent moving, and for the past few years I haven’t had that huge wardrobes either so it wasn’t really a problem. During the past four, five years I’ve had a varying amount.

I currently use

1 brown patterned dress
1 black nicer dress for church
1 black (very worn out) tank top
1 black/white blouse
1 bolero type thing
2 gray caridgans (though I’m contemplating using only one, but I’ll see)
1 pair of black trousers


1 blue coat
1 pair of black flats
1 floppy hat for those rainy days


I also have a few pieces in storage for different seasons and for back-up if everything is in the wash, but not so many.

I know this isn’t much, but it’s what suits me. Any more and it would stress me out. And this way I can always be comfortable and always look presentable, whether I’m at home or out and about. It also makes packing really easy.



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