my morning routine

I feel at my best when I have a nice morning routine I can stick to. Since my son was born it has changed a lot but now I’ve found a routine that works nicely most days.

Preferably we wake up around 7:30. I get up and prepare breakfast for the family (porridge for my husband and son and sandwiches and hot cocoa for me).

After breakfast, I put everything away, sort the dishes and make the bed. Then I sit down to study the Bible for a while before doing a quick work out and do squats to help my knee arthritis. Afterwards I get ready for the day, wash, make-up (mascara, eyeliner and powder) and get dressed. Then I make coffee and hopefully before 10 I’m seated in front of my computer with the coffee in hand, ready to get working for a couple of hours.



needs and wants

I’m riding in the back of our car on our way home after a few days at my parents and I just saw that has been updated! I really enjoy that blog but it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years. In the latest post he talks about how we need very little and that we don’t have to follow the urges that pop into our heads. Instead examining them before giving into them or simply letting them go.

And speaking of urges that pop into our heads, since tumblr started with ads I’ve been seeing pretty dresses from my favourite store a few times a day and I could actually use a couple more dresses since two of the ones I have are really worn out. But I don’t have time to visit the store so after a couple of weeks of wanting them I broke my rule and ordered a couple without trying them on, and now they are waiting for me to be picked up. Hopefully they fit perfectly. (edit: They did!)


the time i moved on a bike

I’ve moved house about 26 times in my soon 29 years and each time has been different. One of the simplest times was when I threw my suitcase into a cab and went from Upper West Side to Upper East Side in New York. One of the worst was when I helped my parents move, the reason that I became a minimalist. But one of the most special was when I moved into my husband’s to be place. At the time I lived in a house with two other girls and I was going to get married in about a weeks time. My then fiancé was in South Korea and had texted that I could move in when he was away if I wanted to. And if I did! I would have a few days to settle in with my things before he came back and we would embark on our married life. I could have asked my parents to help but I’ve always (for a few years at least) wanted to move on a bike, and this would probably be my last opportunity to do so (I lived in a furnished room and didn’t have any furniture of my own).

So I started packing my things and was overwhelmed with how much it felt like. But still I was going to do it. It took a few turns with an overloaded bike and about 7 km to bicycle, once through pouring rain, but I did it! And I carried everything up 4 flights of stairs into our tiny studio apartment and home for the next few months before it was time to move again.



I started this blog with the intention of starting a sort of online career. I made two YouTube videos and have a lot of blog drafts in my notes. I prepared an instagram account for this blog. And then I ended up deleting my personal instagram account, unfollowed most from Facebook and unsubscribed from most the channels I followed on YouTube and deleted the YouTube app from my phone.

That’s not entirely where I had planned to take this.

For a long time I’ve escaped to the internet. Escaped the stress and depression in my own life and escaped to tumblr blogs, YouTube videos, twitter, instagram etc. But recently I’ve been dreaming of a life away from the internet. To be able to sit without something to do and not pick up my phone and mindlessly scroll through instagram or websites. Not compare my life to someone else’s or constantly be bombarded with information. I dream of a simple life of taking walks in the forest and enjoying the sunlight. Picking blueberries and rasberries and actually spending time with the people I’m with. To be present here and now and enjoy it. And after years of constant distractions it is not easy.