my minimalist story – how it began

When I moved October 2011

All throughout my childhood and my so-far adult life I’ve moved quite a bit. I always loved moving, the whole process. Going through all my things and clearing things out, packing them down and up, sometimes I even claim that m
oving is one of my hobbies. But it wasn’t until my 14th move that I had enough with all of the “stuff” (I have moved about 24 times during my 28 years.)

My parents were moving back to the south of Sweden and since I was working with them and I needed a reason to get out of my current town and missing southern Sweden I decided to move to. I sold my apartment I had only owned for six months and packed my things into car and drove it down to my new city. That wasn’t so stressful, but my parent’s move was. They were moving from a 13 room house, 600m2 + outhouses worth of stuff. I spend a few weekends minding the garage sale we had selling all sorts of things. We packed and packed and packed and in the end there were hundreds of boxes and it took two lorries (one with a trailer) to empty the houses, and all of the things really stressed my out. At one point I found an article among my dad’s books about people only having 100 things and it really struck a chord with me and I started reading different minimalist blogs and I started to think that maybe I could do that to. Minimize all my things. My dream for a long time had been to live out of a suitcase and travel the world but even though I cleared out some of my things before moving I had a lot of things, but at the moment I was happy with it.

About six month later there were a few sudden developments and I decided to move abroad and get rid of most of my things in the process. I got a job as a nanny with a Swedish-Belgian family living in Belgium but were moving to New York (my absolute dream was to live in New York) and in just a couple of weeks I got rid of my new apartment, cancelled everything I could, chose very carefully what to bring on my new adventure and saved a few boxes of stuff in my parents basement.
It was wonderful having just enough to fill a suitcase but sometimes it still felt as too much, especially when I was returning to Sweden and dragged my 23 kg suitcase a few blocks a really hot New York summers day.

Five years later I have more than I did then, but now I’m also married, and I recently gave birth to my first child so my life is quite different, but I try to be very mindful about every item we own and even the thought of too many things still stress me out, so I try to keep things simple and only have things that I know to be useful or believe to be beautiful and I still like to sort through my things in order to find something I can get rid of.



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