needs and wants

I’m riding in the back of our car on our way home after a few days at my parents and I just saw that has been updated! I really enjoy that blog but it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years. In the latest post he talks about how we need very little and that we don’t have to follow the urges that pop into our heads. Instead examining them before giving into them or simply letting them go.

And speaking of urges that pop into our heads, since tumblr started with ads I’ve been seeing pretty dresses from my favourite store a few times a day and I could actually use a couple more dresses since two of the ones I have are really worn out. But I don’t have time to visit the store so after a couple of weeks of wanting them I broke my rule and ordered a couple without trying them on, and now they are waiting for me to be picked up. Hopefully they fit perfectly. (edit: They did!)




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