declutter a’la konmari

I love decluttering. It’s probably one of my biggest hobbies, if it can be a hobby. But then I used to say that moving was my hobby, so why not? Anyway, as I said I love decluttering and I like to search the cabinets to see if there is something more I can get rid of, and I usually manage to find a few things here and there. But sometimes I get rid of things just to get rid of them and sometimes I “save” things to declutter later. And as the self-proclaimed minimalist and declutter fanatic I am I finally listened to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and immediately my fingers started to itch, wanting to go through all my possessions, which are not that many, but still, but I managed to last almost until the end of the book, and one night I tackled clothes and books and yesterday morning I tackled the rest (as I said, I don’t own that much). Sure, I was rather quick about it but I wanted to get it done (plus I have a nine-month-old screaming for my attention), and I managed to put together two bags of stuff. Not garbage bags, large shopping bags, but still. There are a few sheets I’m saving till some friends visit in December, but then they will go to, and it feels really nice and relaxing to get rid of things that I have been hesitating about for a while, and feeling a bit bad for getting rid of but Marie Kondo’s words about letting things go when they no longer give joy and instead of feeling regret or guilt rejoice over the time you had and enjoyed the item, and if it was a gift think of it as the act of giving it was the most important thing about it.

So now my home might not be 100% tidy, and it will probably never be, and that’s ok, but it’s tidier than a couple of days ago and every night before I go to bed I go around the apartment and “put it to bed”, making sure everything is in its place and tidy, enjoying the serenity of it before I hit the sack, looking forward to waking up the next morning to a nice and tidy apartment, before the day starts.



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