I started this blog with the intention of starting a sort of online career. I made two YouTube videos and have a lot of blog drafts in my notes. I prepared an instagram account for this blog. And then I ended up deleting my personal instagram account, unfollowed most from Facebook and unsubscribed from most the channels I followed on YouTube and deleted the YouTube app from my phone.

That’s not entirely where I had planned to take this.

For a long time I’ve escaped to the internet. Escaped the stress and depression in my own life and escaped to tumblr blogs, YouTube videos, twitter, instagram etc. But recently I’ve been dreaming of a life away from the internet. To be able to sit without something to do and not pick up my phone and mindlessly scroll through instagram or websites. Not compare my life to someone else’s or constantly be bombarded with information. I dream of a simple life of taking walks in the forest and enjoying the sunlight. Picking blueberries and rasberries and actually spending time with the people I’m with. To be present here and now and enjoy it. And after years of constant distractions it is not easy.



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